Modern family

This show is just the best! It makes me feel good inside every time I watch it! And isn't this promo picture for the show just the cutest:


Monocle Finland survey

In the latest in Monocle's series of national surveys, Monocle flies north to Finland where their team of editors, correspondents and photographers uncover a young country with a long history, a big name on the international stage, and a reputation it is working out how to hold on to.


I wish

How to wrap a present

It's that season again when everyone will be wrapping presents. This short video demonstrates how to make your special gifts to your dear ones look even more special and amazing:


Bridal shoot at UVU alumni house

Last Friday I shot a bridal shot for UVU alumni house ad. The florist decided to do his own thing with the bouquet and so I had to fix it. I think I have a little florist in me. Overall I'm pretty happy with the shoot and how it turned out.




The founders of the company had always been inspired by the master wordsmith and pop culture icon, Mr. Jack Kerouac. Two of his earliest characters, recently uncovered in his personal journals, bore the names Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper. So, they took the best from each and made it their name.

Kerouac inspired a generation to take a road less traveled and to see the world through a different lens.

Warby Parker hope your new glasses will provide all the style you need to travel your road with class, and their price will leave you with some extra cash to use on your journey.

Very cool classes and very functional website. Easy to navigate... I just have to wait for some try-ons to free up so that I can get new classes.



Green by design

As I've been researching for countertop ideas for our kitchen island that I want to build and I ran into this site, www.concreteexchange.com. Fu-Tung Cheng, award winning designer, talks about the benefits of concrete countertops. He says, "concrete is local, renewable + recyclable." But he also says that "#1 greenest countertop you could possibly own: the one you already own!" Cheng ends by saying, "consider concrete. While not the only responsible choice, it is local, durable, sustainable, recyclable, and uniquely beautiful with its earthy appeal combined with the personalization and nuances you can customize to your style and functional needs. By choosing concrete as a decorative building material, particularly for countertops, you affirm your consideration for the earth as well as a desire to be a little different, casting your own unique character in concrete." Since we don't have an island currently I like the idea of concrete to bring a twist of modern and personalized feel to our kitchen and I like the idea of boosting the local economy by having it done locally and being little green is good too.

Some examples of Cheng's work:


DMY Berlin Allstars Exhibition video

DMY Berlin, Allstars selection from robertanderson on Vimeo.

New kitchen in mind

So, for year's I have dreamt of remodeling our kitchen but I want to do it right and I haven't been quite sure what I want... but I think I'm finally getting there. We just replaced one of the many doors in our kitchen and it made me realize that our kitchen is quite dark. This has led me to conclusion that white would be the way to go. There are many problems we're facing with this remodel (when we eventually get to it), our kitchen has 5 doors (3 indoor and 2 outdoor doors) and 2 windows. We just replaced our back door this summer with a 8 pane glass door that my husband custom built for the house. ALso, since our house was built 1899 it has never had a place for a fridge and so until we make some major changes our beautiful fridge will continue standing in a corner next to a door and a window. Here are some images of beautiful white kitchens... I like the idea of white subway tile behind the sink and stove (which we have also used in our upstair's bathroom), and white, lacquer finished cabinets with stainless steel handless to match my beautiful faucet (which I got for my 30th birthday present) and stove and fridge and microwave. I also love black granite counter tops which I think would nicely balance all the white in the room (I'm afraid white countertops would show too much...)


Made in Sweden by Stringfurniture. Very mod era like shelf solutions. I like them a lot.


Electric man

Choi+Shine Architects, award winner of the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture presented this wonderful idea for the Icelandic electricity company Landsnet.

The pylon figures are made with the same assembly parts but have joints that can express different gestures responding to the environment. Unfortunately they only exist in pictures but I sure wish to see them become reality.

Project Name: The Land of Giants.