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Ashby fundraiser

On May 3rd, there will be a fundraiser held to aid a local family in need. Kerry Ashby is a husband of 15 years and a father of four: one daughter and 3 sons, two who are on missions and one in the military. A master craftsman woodworker, he supported his family through his woodworking shop. He was recently involved in a severe ATV accident, which has left him a paraplegic.

His family is in desperate need of financial help to pay the medical bills, fund renovation costs to make his home wheelchair accessible and assist with basic living expenses.

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On a rainy day

Here's a cute overload to brighten up this murky spring day...

I bet you didn't know this about me!!


Blanca Gomez posters

Very fun posters. I want this top one to hang in our stairway.


I'm really liking this font and it has a nice variety of weights. It is designed by Eric Olson. Eric Olson of Minneapolis is a type designer and teacher of typography. His type design studio is Process Type Foundry.


This past weekend I went to Sundance with some friends and family. It is a such a beautiful place. On the top of the Timp there was some wind blowing the snow that just looked magical. I don't have a lens to get amazing landscape photography but I think you get the idea from my modest photography with budget...

Look both ways

Look both ways is book by Debbie Millman. I had an opportunity to meet with her few months ago when she came to speak at the SLC AIGA Limelight event at the SL Art Center. One of the best lectures I have ever gone to. She spoke about why we buy and why we brand. One of the most memorable things she mentioned was that we connect with people who own something we own and we're practically meant to be together if we have the same car in same color which was manufactured the same year. We feel kinship automatically to those strangers. Look both ways is an excellent book by the way. Enjoyed the read and learned a lot and it made me think of my life and influences in my life in a different way...



Adobe CS5: Production premuim

Adobe CS5 - Production Premium from Seagulls Fly on Vimeo.


In my steps

I need a pair of these...


Happy shapes

MillerGoodman brand fun block shapes for kids and for little bit older:



Today is Mikael Agricola's day

Mikael Agricola (c. 1510 – 9 April 1557) was a clergyman who became the de facto founder of written Finnish and a prominent proponent of the Protestant Reformation in Sweden (including Finland). He is often called the "father of the Finnish written language". Agricola was consecrated as the bishop of Turku (Åbo) in 1554 without papal approval. As a result, he began a reform of the Finnish church (then a part of the Church of Sweden) along Lutheran lines. He translated the New Testament, the prayerbook, hymns, and the mass into Finnish, and through this work set the rules of orthography that are the basis of modern Finnish spelling. His thoroughgoing work is particularly remarkable in that he accomplished it in only three years. He died suddenly while returning from a trip during which he negotiated a treaty with the Russians.



One of the love of my material life is typography.

Graphic design inspires

Laz Marquez's amazing graphic design.



High chair decor

My this weekend's projet.


Craft Weekend

It's time to make a onesie for this weekend for the little one in the family. This is the art work that I created for the onesie. We're having tons of friends joining us creating craft of all sorts... The rule is: bring your projects over and we'll work on them together! This is a semi-annual event in the family.

Those Sweds!

Nothing else to add...