Our friendly garden gnome

Next Sunday we're having some friends over and I needed an image for the invite. So, yesterday I did some photography with our garden gnome... It's almost October so I guess I'm already in the Halloween mode:


Raven with a hook


Doll house

I have this obsession to learn how to build these amazing doll houses. This is just mind blowing:


Spider webs for Halloween

Beautiful jewelry

As you probably know I don't wear a lot of jewelry (not my thing) but I kind of want these...



Movie scenes to remember

Movies top 10 (not in any particular order)

At least I think so...

Gone in 60 Seconds

Fifth Element

French Kiss

Nacho Libre

12 Monkeys

Stranger than Fiction

Mary Poppins


The Pink Panther with Steve Martin

And finally the best movies ever made...

... Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis (I count them as one)

Little Fockers

So, MODmobiles goes to everywhere these days. 4 MODmobiles will be hanging in Little Fockers movie this Christmas. Very exciting.