Modern family

This show is just the best! It makes me feel good inside every time I watch it! And isn't this promo picture for the show just the cutest:


Monocle Finland survey

In the latest in Monocle's series of national surveys, Monocle flies north to Finland where their team of editors, correspondents and photographers uncover a young country with a long history, a big name on the international stage, and a reputation it is working out how to hold on to.


I wish

How to wrap a present

It's that season again when everyone will be wrapping presents. This short video demonstrates how to make your special gifts to your dear ones look even more special and amazing:


Bridal shoot at UVU alumni house

Last Friday I shot a bridal shot for UVU alumni house ad. The florist decided to do his own thing with the bouquet and so I had to fix it. I think I have a little florist in me. Overall I'm pretty happy with the shoot and how it turned out.